Intuitive Massage, Breathwork &                        Somatic Soul Mirroring

              for healing, tran​sformation and creation...

Somatic Soul Mirroring & Trauma Work Sessions

to support you in healing the wounds of the past, shifting your shadow and reclaiming your Soul gifts.

 When trauma is unresolved or stress accumulates in our lives, our attention is captured by repetitive stress signals and we experience symptoms like anxiety, spaciness, and disconnection. We may feel worn-out or easily overwhelmed or feel as if we are always “on-guard.” These symptoms keep us from being fully present in our lives. 

Somatic Soul Mirroring sessions are a therapeutic blend of psychosomatic therapy & trauma work (present moment focused, body oriented approach), shamanic energy work, breathwork and intuitive bodywork to help your nervous system learn how to resolve past traumas and accumulated stress patterns that might be hindering you on physical, psychological and spiritual level. Each Somatic Soul Mirroring session is a process of collaboration. After a short dialogue to clarify your intention, I will gently guide you into a state of expanded awareness, an altered state of consciousness, where, together, we will cultivate and utilize a non-judgemental awareness of your inner experience: personal narratives, memories, automatic responses, thought patterns, triggers, implicit biases, feelings, behaviors, habits, etc.. 

Guided by whatever presents itself in your energy field, body and emotional spaces, I will employ powerful, but gentle techniques that current neuroscientific research indicates to rewire your brain to un-stick the stress signals, to free you from limiting beliefs and patterned behaviors. Supported by amazing shamanic energy work, this will provide an opportunity for you to fully integrate the past while expanding into your unique, individual strengths, leading to a life full of presence, choice, meaning and resilience.  

Additional modalities that might be included into a typical session are: inner child work, parts work, somatic movement, nervous system attunement & regulation, guided visualizations & meditations, as well, as intuitive bodywork (if in person) to support emotional release. 

If required, plant medicine can, also, be weaved into the sessions.

Even after one session you will feel a noticeable shift. However, for a greater impact, a series of 10 weekly sessions is highly recommended.  

As you commit to this path of healing and growth the following becomes possible:

• You love life.

• You experience yourself in the flow of life, where every moment is filled with synchronicities and wonder.

• You appreciate a happier nervous system.

• You realize you’re lovable and “enough.”

• You savor unconditional self-compassion.

• You enjoy conscious, healthy relationships.

• You find alignment with your purpose and start making a true IMPACT on the world by reclaiming your Soul's gift.

• You master your energy and manage your emotions.

As you soothe what hurts, remember your worth, and stand in your power, self-love will grow. Your radiant heart will beam brighter and overflow. The greater your happiness, the higher your vibe—which has the power to light up a village.


You have a deeper knowing that you are meant to do more, to be more. 

The metamorphosis starts as a seed of dissatisfaction with where you are at currently.


Are you ready to start transforming your life?

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I feel deeply blessed to have had the chance to work with Mahaya at a particularly challenging and powerfully transformative time in my life. her calm, open yet grounded presence invites immediate trust and surrender. There are few who possess these qualities to the degree she does. if you are facing a difficult threshold to cross in your life, Mahaya is the one who can help reach the other side.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lugh Whitthall

I highly recommend to work with Mahaya. She's incredibly intuitive, gentle, knowledgeable about trauma & nervous system. She will lovingly hold space for you to connect with your body.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sasha Sakhar

Mahaya is an incredible space holder and her authenticity, warmth and care is deeply healing. I had one session with her and moved through so much, from a very agitated disregulated state to calm, clarity and centredness. She is very obviously committed to her path of growth, transformation and healing and her humility and genuine interest in people shines through. Thank you Mahaya!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Will Softmore

Simply one of the most potent, anchored and healing presences I’ve met in this life, Mahaya and her work are highly recommended. 

Blaine Wilson