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Somatic soul mirroring


Heal the wounds of the past     |    Reclaim your soul gifts

Our bodies hold unprocessed emotion, stress, and trauma.

They also hold the wisdom we need to heal. 

When emotion or stress is left unprocessed in our system, our internal navigation system gives off signals like anxiety, confusion, fogginess, and chronic health challenges. We may find ourselves feeling trapped in recurring behaviors or beliefs that don’t serve us, feeling cut off from our power and aliveness. 

In Soul Mirroring sessions, we drop deeply into your your body to explore and release unresolved trauma and stress patterns—unlocking the freedom, aliveness, joy and well being of your essential nature.

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What is Somatic Soul Mirroring?

In Soul Mirroring, we journey together into your inner world to bring awareness and healing to the root causes behind your current challenges. I’m here to help you drop into your subconscious field, where we can uncover and un-stick stress signals using techniques indicated in neuroscientific research to rewire your brain—releasing limiting beliefs and patterned behaviors. Combining psychosomatic therapy techniques, conscious breath, and energy healing, sessions support you in integrating the past while expanding into your true essence, power, and soul gifts.

Explore and release

personal and collective trauma held in your body and energy field

Rewire your brain

and nervous system to feel safe and grounded within yourself

Align to your purpose 

start making an impact sharing your soul gifts

Master your energy

feel the flow of life, surrounded by synchronicity and wonder

What to expect

Each 2-hour session opens with space to discuss your intention. I’ll then support you to ground and relax into a state of altered consciousness, where subconscious patterns, triggers, memories, automatic responses, and emotions will begin to surface. You may connect to childhood memories you’ve never previously accessed, or visuals or felt sensations indicating where stress patterns are lodged.

Guided by whatever presents itself in your energy field, body and emotional spaces, I’ll support you in restoring balance to your system by blending shamanic energy work with therapeutic modalities like Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Hakomi method, Somatic movement and Conscious Breath. Gentle intuitive touch and sound healing, might, also, be incorporated into the session, when in person. Sessions close with space to discuss your experience and support integration.

The sessions are available in person and on Zoom. Even after one session you will feel a noticeable shift. However, for a greater impact, a series of 5 weekly sessions is highly recommended.

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This work is for you if you are

desiring a deeper connection to yourself and your life’s purpose

seeking clarity as you face a transition or big life decision

feeling stuck in recurring patterns or addictive behaviors

carrying trauma you’ve being unable to release through modalities like talk therapy

experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, confusion, or fogginess

feeling stagnant or out of balance in your physical, emotional or energetic body

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