Intuitive Massage, Breathwork &                        Somatic Soul Mirroring

                             for healing, transformation and creation..


Saturdays, 11:30 am - 2 pm: Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey, Sliding Scale: 50Q to 150Q.

LOCATION: Eco Hotel La Paz

The Conscious Connected Breathwork journey is the journey of self-discovery and empowerment that can change your life. We will start with a guided meditation to help you to connect with your intentions, followed by a guided 1.5 hour breathwork journey, During the journey I will use high vibrational sound tracks, simple core affirmations and intuitive touch to help you to align with the life force energy and to achieve and to maintain the wave-like "full circular breath" pattern. This clears the blockages within the energy systems, resulting in deep healing, transformation and creation on all levels. The session will end with a gentle sound healing and a sharing circle to support the integration. 

Postponed for rainy season - Wednesdays, 8 am - 10 am: Mindfulness Yoga & Somatic Experiencing Meditation, Donation Based. LOCATION: Casa Yin & Yang Pasajap 

                                                     During the class we will practice the art of gently presencing ourselves within our own physical bodies

                                                     and lovingly witnessing whatever reveals itself. This the space where we can rewrite the stories and

                                                     rewire the brain. Come as you are and be held...

Postponed for rainy season - Saturdays, 9 am - 10:30 am: Yin & Yang Yoga. 50q. LOCATION: HOTEL LA PAZ

                                                  We will start with an hour of yoga practice dedicated to opening up and releasing the tensions stored in the

                                                  pelvis. This will be followed by a very potent Trauma Release Exercise, where we will set into the emotion our

                                                  bodies natural mechanism of unwinding and letting go. During this practice, you will witness your own body

                                                  going into a spontaneous tremor, as the deeper contractions in your tissues are being accessed and released.

Private, one on one sessions are, also, available. Please inquire for more details.