Mahaya Healing Arts

Heal your inner landscape 

and watch as your outer reality transforms

Unlock the healing power within you through breath, somatics, and healing touch

Release what doesn't serve you through the power of breath

Transform trauma and connect to your true essence

Deeply relax, release, and realign with healing touch

Explore authentic relating, circling, and other offerings

Hi dear, 

I'm Mahaya

I'm a trauma informed intuitive healer, holistic bodyworker, conscious connected breathwork facilitator and psychosomatic therapist—here to hold sacred space for you to transform wounds and step into your soul gifts.

In every session, my intention is to connect with you on a soul level and to accompany you 

My gift is my intuitive capacity to connect to your true essence—your wisdom, your soul gifts, the intelligence of your system to heal itself. It is this intelligence that guides my work with you, from bodywork and breathwork to somatic soul mirroring and trauma release. 

I'm here to support you in plugging in to that intelligence within yourself and to hold the space of loving presence, as, together, we navigate through your inner landscape for the transmutation of wounds and blockages into clarity, vitality, and power.

About me

I'm here to hold transformational space for you to

cultivate self-love, self-compassion, and


connect to your intuition, deepest desires, and higher purpose

explore and transform the root causes of physical, mental and emotional health challenges

release personal, ancestral, and collective trauma stored in the body

embody the truth of who you are and step into your authentic power 

heal relationship patterns and open to deeper, conscious, relating and intimacy

Feeling the call?

Let's connect about your intention and how I can support you. 

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