Intuitive Massage, Breathwork &                        Somatic Soul Mirroring

                             for healing, transformation and creation..

Welcome To My Website!

My name is Mahaya Alina Sikorsky. I am an intuitive and a modern day medicine woman with over 15 years of experience supporting other healers and creatives in regaining a sense of harmony and in awakening their own resources for healing.

Currently, I offer Massage & Craniosacral Therapy sessions, Yoga Classes, Transformational Breathwork Journeys and Soul Mirroring & Psychosomatic Therapy sessions in person and over Zoom..

My work is inspired by listening, love and service. Whether it is a yoga class, a breathwork session, a healing bodywork or a somatic soul mirroring/trauma work session, I see each session as an opportunity for holding a sacred space to support you in remembering and aligning with the wisdom of your own being, with that who you are on a soul level – pure love. When this natural state of your being is brought to the foreground, the challenge presented is held by it, supported to realign and resolve.

No single session is alike. Together we go on this healing journey as deep as the openness allows and invites


Please take time to browse my website where you can learn more about my services, as well as read my client reviews.

Looking forward to be of service to you on your way to well being,

Mahaya Alina Sikorsky

Following is a list of trainings and certifications that have been influencing my work:

  • Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Indian Head Massage training at Masters College. year 1998 
  • Reiki course. 2014
  • Yoga Teacher Training with Shivananda lineage. 2014
  • Craniosacral Therapy & Somatic Emotional Release training at Upledger Institute..  2015
  • Bioenergetics & Chakra Therapy course training with Anodea Judith.  2016
  • Foot Reflexology course with Jackie Cave.  2016
  • Conscious Connected Breathwork training with Robin Clements.  2017
  • Trauma Informed Biodynamic Breathwork training with Giten Tonkov.  2020
  • Circling and Authentic Relating Practice (Relational Meditation) with Connect Institute. 2020
  • Theta Healing Training (An energy healing modality for changing limiting beliefs into empowering ones). 2021
  • Psychosomatic Therapy & Trauma Work training with Numa Breathwork foundation. 2022

I have been, also, strongly influenced by Somatic Movement, Plant Medicine work and Mindfulness practices. These are weaved into the yoga, breathwork, bodywork and somatic soul mirroring sessions, as needed.